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UX/UI/FE Redesign

As a team, our mission is to provide The Wasteshed a responsive & functional donation system on their current website, that amplifies fulfilling school's wishlists, and encourages their community to think about reusable products creatively.


The Wasteshed



Final Group Project / 2 weeks

My Role

User research & Analysis
User Flow
UI Design & Prototyping
Art Direction
Usability Testing

The Process

Build. Measure. Learn.

I used Lean UX principles in the development of “Anti-Cruelty Society” to focus on users and their needs at each phase of the design process:

Formulate and validate the hypothesis.
Conduct early user testing with rough sketches to unveil unexpected pain points. 
Define User’s Journey and flow.
Focus on research results to create features that users really need.
Develop a consistent, modern style guide and apply to Prototype

Group 88-2.png

Research & Problem Definition


School teachers need an easy way to acquire useful, good-condition classroom supplies and materials from outside their school system, because coordinating and collecting the materials by themselves is a time-consuming administrative challenge.

School teachers need an easy way to acquire useful, good-condition classroom supplies and materials from outside their school system, because coordinating and collecting the materials by themselves is a time-consuming administrative challenge.

How might we...

support local teachers to supply their classrooms with much needed items?




Conducting User Survey

We conducted a user survey to prove our hypothesis and gain user insight. To reach a larger audience, we wrote a short, 35-question survey and posted it on different online communities and Facebook groups that matched the target user profile. We received 37 responses.



To understand the experience pet owners have when finding affordable care for their pets. 

To discover the process users take when seeking to adopt a pet and how they feel about the process. 

To know what factors drive/motivate users to donate to a nonprofit organization.

To uncover participants’ thought processes and prior experiences with volunteering.






Several survey participants noted that a majority of their pets’ care is provided by vets alone; usually annually and/or as necessary.

More than half of survey participants who adopted or are looking to adopt pets would like to know what the adoption process is on the organization’s website.

On Donating

“I have to be passionate about the cause, either with a personal interest or because a friend is passionate. I need to know they are using my donations as they say they will.”

Design Impact

Design Impact

Focussing especially on the interactional context of each persona helped me to understand the physical, environmental and emotional state of the user at the moment of the interaction. This process has significantly influenced the development of important design decisions and key functionalities. Some examples are as follows:

Instant help function for emergencies.
Pre-set rates for price certainty.
Chat function to define details of a work order.
Using breadcrumbs while setting a work order.
Verified handyman profile that reveals customer feedback at first glance.

User Persona 
Journey Map

User Flow

Story Board  1.png



Ideating Solutions

Mid-fidelity Wireframes:

I turned my revised sketches into a black and white interactive prototype done with Sketch. I defined UI elements, design patterns and visual hierarchy. I tested the prototype in-person and remotely.


Users found the label “side visible navigation” misleading, It didn’t indicate the proper hierarchy to the page.

Users value the option of viewing pet information summary before leading into new page.

Users asked for the option to see “adoption information” and “profiles” together

Deisgn Solutions

Collect main navigation to the hamburger menu.

Allow Pet Cards to flip for more information & travel to the next page if they would like to proceed with animals.

Add “adoption information” to the adoption process to make sure everyone stays informed.

Style Guide

Our goal in Redesigning the Anti-Cruelty Society’s Online Presence was to modernize it into 2022. To achieve this goal we streamlined the color palette for their brand, minimized the stock imagery by replacing it with a new logo, graphics and illustrations, and sticking to one san-serif typography through the whole site (including a logo redo). Allowing the site to be fun and playful, but without the clutter, and having the images of the adoptable pets shine as the main source of imagery.

Logo Design



Color Scheme

Group 110.png

UI Style Applied

Old Website

Applied UX/UI


Wrapping Up

What I have learned from this project?
Research is a must: – I couldn’t have designed a product users love without the help of the people who will actually use it. The user survey revealed unexpected information and made it possible to adapt the product to users’ needs.

Personas are powerful: – Being aware of users’ needs and pain points helped me to create a seamless, end-to-end experience.

The user is always right: – Conducting user testing and evaluating users feedback at various stages helped me to discover and eliminate pain point at early stages. 

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